What is LINUX Reseller Hosting


A Common name to host & store our website files on a server

There are many names on hosting plans such as (Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS or DEDICATED SERVER).

On this topic i am elaborating about RESELLER Hosting.


Name RESELLER  itself clearly shows  its a plan on which we can resale  & customize it

This type of hosting is provided with all leading hosting providers

Benefits of this plans are listed below

  • individual cPanel per account
  • Dedicated resources
  • Account security
  • Customization can be done through WHM


Individual cPanel per account 

On most cases a client requires individual access to manage is hosting such as creating FTP accounts, Email ID’s, modifying is  contents, this avoids other users entry, On rare case if any  account  got infected & sends SPAM emails without your knowledge then those account can  be  suspended without interrupting other accounts

Dedicated resources

By default per each cPanel resources are allocated,hence resources per cPanel cannot be shared or utilised by other accounts inside your WHM.

Account security 

This is the main feature, if using cloudlinux this provides an cage like feature

Lets take an example, on your reseller plan  if any of the accounts got infected with malware infections then  with cloudlinux  feature  will not  pass through on other  accounts inside your WHM

Customization can be done through WHM

With WHM interface you can modify, create or edit a package as per your clients requirement with minimum privileges

Easy to manage & identity the accounts easily incase of troubleshooting

Overall you can sell this product with your Whitelable  custom NAMESERVERS to avoid the primary hosting DNS. This will give your clients a best impression on your product.


Thats it for now, will come up with new ideas on my upcoming posts.

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